The New LGFB Men’s Programme

26 Sep

Having successfully helped women for more than 24 years, Look Good Feel Better have now developed a new programme to support men living with cancer.  Providing expert advice all over the UK through, ‘Skin Fitness’ Workshops, the ‘Manual for men’ and tutorials.

Sarahjane Robertson, Executive Director of Look Good Feel Better comments: “Following extensive research, we were genuinely shocked by the lack of support for men and we’ve been unanimously told that male cancer patients would really value detailed information covering basic skincare, cleansing, moisturising, sun care, shaving, nutrition, fitness and oral care alongside online tutorials and group sessions.”

Many of the men asked were concerned that the visible side-effects would ‘give away’ the fact that they had cancer.  Problems included suffering with dry itchy skin, hair loss and regrowth, dramatic weight change, oral health and hot flushes.

183,000 men a year are diagnosed with cancer and with very little support out there, dealing with the visible side effects can feel overwhelming and often men are just expected to ‘get on with it’. A beneficiary who attended one of the first workshops, Bob, comments: “It’s so good to finally see someone is taking an interest in the care & support available to men during and after treatment for cancer.  It’s not easy for us guys to talk about skincare issues or to adopt any kind of routine.  Advice was short and given by well-meaning female family members but as with all things cancer, it doesn’t always meet the need. Today, finally I met your team who not only empathised but gave good advice and were very supportive. I really hope this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg and that your support for men living with cancer will continue.”

The group workshops are currently held in a small number of locations, so for those that can’t attend, there is also the ‘Manual for Men’ which can be viewed online or sent via post, as well as online tutorials.

The following services will be available to men with any type of cancer:

‘Skin Fitness’ Workshops
Held at local hospitals and cancer support centres, these group sessions offer advice on skincare and shaving/grooming and problems that you may be facing as a result of your cancer treatment.  Run by volunteer skincare experts and local barbers it’s an opportunity to ask questions and meet others in a similar situation. 

Manual for Men
Working with a number of leading experts, this detailed booklet includes information on skincare, shaving and grooming, oral health, how to dress/what to wear as well as advice on nutrition and fitness and is available via email or post.

Featuring Chris Foster (Award winning Barber) , Anna Shaw (Stylist) and Paul Herrington (make-up artist and skincare expert) this series of tutorials covers information on how to manage dry skin, how to dress for your shape and how to disguise redness.

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