Feel Better Week

4 Apr

3rd June will see the start of Look Good Feel Better’s biggest fundraising week in the 2019 calendar!

This fantastic week has won the heart of the Nation with a fabulous array of events and activities being held across the UK. The great thing about fundraising in this week, is it really will make you feel better and that’s a FACT! The Do Good Feel Good theme for the week is a ‘win win’ for our fundraisers and our beneficiaries.

So here’s the science…

  • Doing good actually does make us feel better.  Known as ‘helpers high’, when you do something good for someone else the brain releases endorphins, the brains feel good neurotransmitters which light up your pleasure sensors. Does that sound good?
  • Doing good can decrease stress. ‘Giving back’ can have a significant positive impact on both blood pressure and cortisol levels and there has been a further link between the decreased stress and increased life expectancy. That’s got to be good!
  • Doing good can improve your metal health. Along with an improved sense of wellbeing and life satisfaction, volunteering has also been linked to decreased incidence of depression. That’s another great reason!
  • Doing good makes us happier at work. This can lead to reduced labour turnover from improved motivation and commitment and businesses have also seen a correlation between ‘giving something back’ and reduced absenteeism. Employers must love this one!


So, if you’re ready not just to feel good, but absolutely fantastically great, we can help! Take a look at our website for inspiration, we have lots of ideas for events and challenges. Don’t forget to tell your family, friends and colleagues, after all, we want them to feel good too! Click here to order your fundraising pack, and if there’s anything we can do to help you feel good about doing good please get in touch.

The money raised will enable Look Good Feel Better to help even more people regain their confidence and self-esteem which has been reduced or lost during cancer treatment and that’s more than good it’s amazing!