Step 9: Eyebrows

This is likely to be the section you spend most time on. It is the area that can make the biggest impact on the whole session. Be sure to demonstrate on a lady who really needs help with her brows.

“Learning how to recreate my missing eyebrows and eyelashes has helped me go out and face the world with a smile”LGFB beneficiary.

Explain how your eyebrows frame our eyes and how they help other features come to life – it is like an instant face lift!
Demonstrate each of the following steps and help them if they are a little nervous. Explain how the following tips will really help them and refer them back to their 12-step face chart which clearly shows how to plot a brow. Encourage them to take notes during this section:

Step 1:

How to identify the inner edge of the eyebrow

Ask everyone to place their pencils at the bottom of their nose pointing up to the inside edge of their eye and make a small dot just above where the brow bone starts.

Step 2:

How to identify the natural arch of the eyebrow

Now ask them to look forward and angle the pencil from the bottom of their nose, through the iris and make a second dot just on the natural arch of the brow bone.

Step 3:

How to identify the end of the eyebrow

Now ask them to place the pencil again at the bottom of their nose through to the outer edge of their eye and make another dot just on the natural brow bone – that’s where the eyebrow should end.

Step 4:

Creating the finished eyebrow

Finally, ask them to join the dots with a series of gently arching feathery strokes which will give the illusion of fine hairs. Suggest they may want to add more fullness to the inner edge and thin out towards the outer edge. Encourage everyone to slowly continue building the colour and thickness until they are happy and confident with their new brows.

USEFUL TIP USEFUL TIP: During this demonstration explain that normal faces are never symmetrical and that it does not matter if both eyebrows aren’t exactly the same – they are sisters, not twins!