Step 5: Powder

Explain how loose powder is a great way to “set” foundation and help it remain looking great all day.

Demonstrate how only a little powder will need to be applied to get the desired look.  Show how to “roll and press” powder from the applicator pad onto the skin.

USEFUL TIPLoose powder is great for using at home, but there is nothing worse than the top coming off in your handbag! Suggest people might want to carry a pressed powder with them throughout the day to use if their skin becomes shiny.

All change...

Now introduce the third member of the team who has agreed to run the colour section of the session.

NBthe point of handover will not be the same for all workshops.  It may vary with some volunteers covering more than one section. It will depend on the team and who is comfortable doing the talking/demonstrations.  Some people don’t mind talking to groups, whereas others are happier working around the table.