Step 2: Moisturising

Explain that moisturisers not only prevent the skin from feeling dry and tight, but they also protect it from environmental damage caused by pollution, sun, wind or just everyday living!

Demonstrate how to apply a moisturiser to the face using soft gentle flowing movements – and remember to tell the ladies not to forget their neck and throat!

Explain that a regular moisturiser should not be used around the eye area and why.  Tell them about eye cream and show how to apply a pin head amount on each ring finger and gently pat around the orbital bone from the outside to the inside.

USEFUL TIP: During and after treatment, skin can become very sensitive and people will probably have been advised to stay out of the sun and to wear SPF 30+ on face, hands and any exposed areas.  Reinforce the importance of sun protection and products with an SPF.

All change...

Introduce the member of the team who has agreed to run the skincare and foundation section. In some sessions this changeover may happen after Step 5 (powder) with the third volunteer covering the colour section.

Make sure you have pre-agreed how you all want to work the three sections before the workshop begins so that the handovers are smooth and professional.