Step 11 & 12: Lip Liner & Lipstick

Step 11: Lip Liner

Highlight how a lip liner not only defines the lip area but helps lipstick from bleeding and feathering into fine lines around our lips.

Get everyone to make sure that the point of their lip liner is warm and not too sharp before they start to use it.  Suggest they always start from the outside corner of the mouth and make soft, gentle strokes as they move towards the centre of the lips.  Explain how filling in the whole lip area can help any lip colour to last longer.

Step 12: Lipstick

If there is one cosmetic product that can cheer someone up instantly, it’s a lipstick!

Remember that during treatment people’s lips may have become dry and/or flaky so suggest they look for lipsticks that have moisturising properties.  Also mention that lip glosses and lip salves/balms are great for adding glamour as well as helping dry lips.

USEFUL TIP: If someone does not usually wear lipstick suggest she tries the lighter of the two shades in her gift.