Step 10: Mascara

Some people may have lost their eyelashes or may just be starting to re-grow new lashes and so will need some extra TLC.   Explain that non-waterproof is kinder to the lashes and easier to remove. Suggest everyone applies mascara to their bottom lashes first. Show how to apply to the upper ones by moving from the root to the tip using a slight wiggling movement of the wand. Explain how this will stop their mascara clumping on the lashes. To finish off, suggest they use the tip of the mascara brush to lift the inner and outer corners of their lashes.

USEFUL TIP:    Explain how they should never pump the mascara wand as this only pumps air into the tube and causes the mascara to dry up. Suggest they slowly twist the wand as they remove it from the tube.

As you know, everyone should change their mascara at least once every three months. It might be fun to ask them when they (or you for that matter) last did that!  Encourage the ladies to throw out all old, out of date products to avoid possible infection.

LGFB does not offer or demonstrate false eyelashes at sessions.  This is for three reasons:

  • If lashes are already scarce you don’t want to use something that might pull more out
  • People might be sensitive to the glue used on false lashes
  • If lashes are completely lost then false lashes don’t have anything to ‘rest’ on

However, please do share your knowledge of false eyelash options with the ladies and then they can make a decision as to whether they’d like to try them after attending the workshop.