Step 1: Cleansing & Toning

Emphasise that a gentle cleansing routine is essential for healthy skin and that the skin should always be cleansed and moisturised at night so it can breathe and repair itself as you sleep.

Eye Make-up removal

Explain that they should begin their cleansing routine by soaking a large cotton wool pad with make-up remover. They should then place it on their closed eye and leave it for a few seconds, allowing time for the product to dissolve any eye make-up and/or mascara.

USEFUL TIP: Tell the ladies they should always use a new cotton pad for each eye to prevent any risk of infection.


Next, show them how to apply a little cleanser or micellar water to a cotton pad. Explain how cream cleansers are much kinder to the skin than soap and water - which can leave the skin feeling dehydrated and hypersensitive. Demonstrate by using gentle, flowing, continuous movement to massage the skin. Explain that this will also improve circulation and give the face a healthy glow. Take time to massage the cleanser into the skin.  As you know, touch is a wonderful sensation when you want someone to feel pampered.