Typical Questions

Here is a selection of the typical questions that are asked at workshops:

Q: Will the session interfere with my treatment?

A: No, the LGFB workshops are non-medical and never conflict with your treatment or medical advice.  

Q: Can I come back again?

A:  We hope that you have learnt a lot from today but if you need extra advice or support you can either order a Confidence Kit or we have lots of tutorials and advice on our website www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk.  Most of the LGFB volunteer team are very willing to provide additional support if you want to visit them in their stores or businesses.

Q: I'd like to make donation can I do this with you?

A:  You are very welcome to make a donation for one of our fundraising items offered at today’s session or you could look at the Fundraising Leaflet in your gift bag which suggests ways you can support the charity.

Q: How can I get further support?

A: You could consider ordering a copy of the LGFB Confidence Kit or you can visit the LGFB website at www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk for information on more services. Most of the LGFB volunteer team are very willing to provide additional support if you want to visit them in their stores or businesses.

Q: I am very sensitive to many skincare and cosmetic products right now so should I attend?

A:  Yes. You can watch the demonstrations today, take notes and hopefully use your Gift Bag at a time when you are less sensitive to products.  

Q: I know I am allergic to some of the items in this Gift Bag, what should I do?

A: We will do our best to swap the items for others we have in our supplies but if we can’t do that, then we suggest you skip the step in our Programme that involves using the product, taking notes so you can use your own products at home.

Q: Can I buy an additional gift bag?

A: No! The bags are strictly free of charge and only for patients at our sessions.

Q: OK, can you send a bag to my friend who has cancer?

A:  No!  The bags can only be given to the ladies who attend our sessions and the supply is limited.

Q: I don't like any of the products in my bag

A: We are sorry that is the case and perhaps you’d like to donate your bag back to the charity so another lady can benefit from it?  You are very welcome to stay and take notes or make a booking to come back at a later time with your own make-up.

Q: Why don’t you cover hair in your workshops?

A:  Many of the hospitals/cancer centres LGFB operate in already have hair/wig people in place and LGFB has no wish to compete with these individuals.  It would also be very difficult to squeeze everything into the two hours we have allocated.

Q: I am experiencing problems with my nails: does LGFB help with this?

A:  Not during the workshops but there is a section in the LGFB Confidence Kit and online that offers advice on nail care.

Q: Why doesn’t LGFB operate in my local hospital?

A:  LGFB is a charity and it is only able to open in a limited number of new venues each year.  We try to offer the service as fairly as possible on a geographical basis.  For more information, please give them a call at 01372 747500 or email [email protected]

Q: Do LGFB do anything for men?

A: We have recently started a pilot programme for men and we hope to launch a full service by 2018.  You can find more information on the LGFB website - www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk