The Importance of Teamwork

It’s essential that the running order and timings of your 12-step workshop are followed in order to finish within two hours.

When you arrive and meet the other volunteers, agree who is going to present each section and stick to it.  There is sure to be a section you are comfortable in demonstrating so put yourself forward.

  • The introduction ~ a guide is provided
  • Skincare demonstrations
  • Make-up demonstrations
  • The close

When you are not presenting, get involved around the table providing guidance to each person as for many of them this may be the first time they’ve tried a product or a technique.

N.B. Never interrupt or contradict the person presenting as this will confuse the ladies and make them feel uncomfortable.

When the attendees arrive, work as a team to identify those who you feel would most benefit from being the model for a certain step of the Programme.  For example, the lady without eyebrows would most benefit from being the model for the eyebrow demonstration and the lady who has high colouring or is experiencing flushing would benefit the most from being the model when using the green concealer.