General House Keeping

LGFB has some key guidelines which volunteers have to follow:



Workshops are completely free of charge.


Workshops are “non-medical”.  Volunteers should not offer any opinions on cancer treatment or alternative therapies.  It’s imperative that you adhere to this rule at all times.


LGFB is product/service neutral.  No organisations or products are to be endorsed or promoted during the two hour session.

Making a commitment

Once you have observed your first ‘taster’ workshop, you will be contacted by LGFB to get your feedback.

Be realistic about the time you can commit, only agreeing to dates when you know you can definitely help.   

If you have to cancel a workshop

We know that there will be times when you will have no choice but to pull out of a workshop.  

In this case, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible.  A lower number of volunteers will affect the personal attention offered at the experience so if you are in contact with any members of your local volunteer team, please do ask them if they are able to stand in for you and then let us know.

What happens if you fall ill before a workshop?

Use your judgement, if you are too ill to attend a workshop you should call LGFB straight away. However, if you feel well enough to attend a session but are showing symptoms of an illness that you think could be contagious, please contact LGFB.  We will advise whether you should attend.  


Please arrive at your workshop half an hour before it starts to help set the room up.  This will also give you plenty of time to decide with the team who is going to demonstrate each part of the session.  

It will really help if you stay on after the workshop to help clear up but if you do have to leave promptly, please let the team know when you arrive.


The LGFB workshops should always be a positive experience for all involved.  However, you might want to contact LGFB to feedback something you weren’t comfortable with or simply to offer us a suggestion for improvement.  There is a Beauty Volunteer Sign in Form for you to do this but we do appreciate that occasionally feedback may be of a confidential nature. In this case, please call Lisa Curtis, Head of Programme Services on 01372 747500 or email [email protected].

If someone becomes unwell during the workshop

Please speak to either the hospital employee or volunteer in the room or go and find the hospital contact to alert them immediately.

Attendee complaints

The vast majority of the ladies attending LGFB workshops will leave with nothing but praise and good words.

However, as in all situations in life, there may be a time when someone becomes unhappy or upset either during the session or will express their disappointment at the end.  In the unlikely event of this happening, please ensure you let the lady explain exactly what’s upsetting her so she feels she’s been heard.  If you feel able to handle the situation, then do so. However, if you feel unsure, either speak to the hospital contact or call LGFB Head Office immediately on 01372 747500.  Remember to remind the lady that she is also very welcome to make contact with LGFB direct.

All of this might sound like a lot to take in, but we’ve listed all possible eventualities to ensure you have as much guidance as possible.  The reality is that most workshops will run smoothly and be a fun and rewarding experience.  We want you to thoroughly enjoy being part of our team!