Being Professional

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  In a LGFB session your goal is to ensure every lady who attends feels relaxed, welcomed and comfortable.

What you’re wearing

At Workshops you will be provided with an LGFB ‘tabard’, if you are volunteering at a Masterclass you will be asked to wear a special badge. These are worn by all volunteers so everyone knows you are one of our professional volunteer consultants.  If you are not wearing your work uniform, please dress smartly – no jeans or trainers.

Your personal preparation

We suggest your make-up is ‘natural’ and not too ‘glam’ as this could be a bit scary for women without your beauty skills.

Please don’t use heavy fragrance as some people can become hypersensitive to different smells during treatment. 


Turn your mobile off or put it on ‘silent’ and suggest everyone else does this too as it’s “their” time to relax and enjoy being pampered without interruptions.

Hygiene is vitally important when helping people undergoing cancer treatment.  Wash your hands when you arrive and use the antibacterial hand gel in the room.  Encourage everyone to use it before you start the session.

You must arrive at least 30 minutes before the session starts. This will allow you time to help set up and get to know the other volunteers.