Being Prepared

All products in the Gift Bags are generously donated by LGFB member companies.  As LGFB is product neutral, no company or product should be promoted or endorsed at our workshops.  Products are referred to by type rather than brand.

Over 250,000 products are donated each year, all of which have been identified as perfect for a fresh, natural, healthy look and are adaptable to most colourings. The gift bags are divided into four categories: light, medium, dark and extra dark so each lady can have a complete set of products most suited to her skin tone.

In the unlikely event that something is missing, there is always a box of “back-up” products at each venue.  Please do not let people swap products or request a change simply because they don’t like what they have in their bag.  The gift bag is hugely generous and a chance to try new colours and techniques.

N.B. Only offer to exchange something if absolutely necessary, or if a product is missing or broken.

Each Gift Bag contains:

  • A LGFB Confidence Kit Leaflet
  • A leaflet on how to raise funds for LGFB
  • An information booklet on coping with hair loss
  • Plus the products listed below:
Cleansing and Moisturising Colour Eye

All-in-one eye make-up
remover / cleanser

Foundation Eyebrow pencil/shaper Lip Liner Fragrance or body product
Moisturiser Concealer Eye Shadow palette Lipstick(1) day time shade
Colour corrector concealer* Eyeliner pencil lipstick(2) evening shade
Loose Powder Mascara

*in the light and medium skin tone Gifts Bags only

Please note:  Not all LGFB Gift Bags will contain exactly the same products.  The Gift Bags will all have the same number of items as above, but the brands will vary.