100th Venue Location Launch

6 Mar

On 27th February we launched our 100th venue location in Sawbridgeworth at The Rivers Hospital - and what an event it was!

The 12 ladies who attended not only enjoyed their skin-care and make-up workshop but they also had a surprise visitor attend, the star of Pineapple Dance Studios, Louie Spence!

During the workshop Louie commented: “Most women love doing their hair and makeup and looking and feeling good. I think it can seem like quite a small thing but it can make a huge difference to the women’s mental well-being. I lost my mum five years ago and I know when my mum was ill if something could have made her feel better like this that would have made me happy. It’s a wonderful thing.”

At the end of the Workshop one of the ladies who attended headed straight off to a lunch date with her brand new makeover, she said: “I feel lovely now, really nice, what a lovely thing to do for ladies who just need a bit of confidence.”