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Look Good Feel Better Ambassador Rachel Walker had been struggling with her hair regrowth following aggressive chemotherapy, so long term supporters of the charity, Charles Worthington, stepped in to help boost her confidence.

One of the most common side-effects of cancer treatment is losing your hair but what a lot of people don’t realise is that when it grows back it can act, look and feel quite different.  Rachel was invited to the Charles Worthington Salon where principal stylist Bill treated her to the first hair cut since her cancer diagnosis.

Rachel says; “Having had aggressive chemotherapy my hair was in a terrible state. I lost approximately 70% of my hair and it was all different lengths with new hair coming through after chemo. I looked like I had a mullet! I was very apprehensive about getting it cut for the first time and hadn't it cut for two years. Bill at Charles Worthington completely put me at ease, talked through what he could do and with his expertise gave me a whole new look making me feel like a new women! I now feel confident and have my self-esteem back. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Bill and he has made me feel like me again and not like a cancer patient”.

Rachel was diagnosed with three types of Breast Cancer in May 2013, she is still in treatment and later this month will have surgery for the eighth time. Whilst positive at the beginning, the side-effects quite quickly took their toll on Rachel. She says: “Nothing prepared me for how I would feel when I began to lose my hair.  The physical side effects of chemotherapy hit me hard.”

During her treatment Rachel attended a Look Good Feel Better workshop, which taught her to use make-up to combat the visible side effects of her treatment.  Rachel has gone on to become a Look Good Feel Better ambassador and regularly talks at fundraising and awareness events and even ran a half marathon for the charity in 2015.

Charles Worthington is an Honorary Vice President for Look Good Feel Better and has been involved with the charity for more than 15 years. He says “After hearing about all the great work they do I instantly wanted to personally and have my company become involved with the charity to help in any way we could.“